Altitude Limit for TELLO

Fly higher or lower your lovely drone TELLO

"Altitude Limit for TELLO" app can change altitude limit of excellent toy-drone TELLO (TELLO is a great tiny drone by Ryze Technology).

TELLO's factory setting is 10 meters altitude limit. If you want to fly higher or lower, this app helps.

For instance, when you set 2 meters altitude limit, TELLO will not fly higher than 2 meters. This helps you or your children to avoid hitting the ceiling.

If you set higher than 10 meters, TELLO may not keep the position because of the maximum range of the vision positioning sensor. Maybe you need skills to fly TELLO stable. Be careful.

* this app is not a product maker's official app, so please use at your own risk.

* Please note: This app may not work TELLO new firmware v01.04.35.01 (2018-08-16), so please consider firmware upgrade.

How to use:

1) Connect TELLO with iPhone via WiFi. (use Setting app)

2) Launch this app.

3) Current altitude limit will be displayed, tap to change meters using + - button.
(available from 1 m to 100 m)

4) Tap Apply button.

5) Press HOME button to quit this app.

* TELLO will remenber this altitude limit setting, so you don't have to set every flight.

Enjoy flying!